Makeup enthusiasts will agree that putting on blush is an essential step to a makeup routine. However, applying it properly to get the perfect look can sometimes be tricky.

In an interview with fashion brand Who What Wear, Lisa Aharon, makeup artist to celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow and Anna Kendrick, partnered with her co-makeup artist Ashlee Glazer to give tips on how to achieve the proper blush.

Before anything else, Aharon clarifies that tools don’t really matter. She recommends using whatever you can work comfortably with – even your fingers, so long as they are clean.

For those who are suffering from mild skin diseases and common skin concerns like acne and acne scars, Aharon says it’s best to avoid cream blush as it will only emphasize the face’s uneven texture and recommends sticking to powder.

Aharon says to press in the blush to evenly spread the color. To make it look more one with the skin, she recommends blending using a foundation brush.

The trickiest part, however, is determining the exact spot on your face where you should the blush.  Aharon and Glazer agree that the secret to getting the perfect blush is to know how to apply it based on the shape of your face.

Rectangular and Oval

For faces that are rectangular and oval in shape, Glazer suggests an up and out stroke. She says that sweeping the blush higher and blending it out toward the ears so it opens up the face and no hard lines are created.


Glazer says that for round faces, it is best to apply blush a little above the apples of the cheeks. Keeping it soft and swiping it upward toward the temples will enhance the structure of the face. 

Square and Heart

The purpose of blush on for those with square- and heart-shaped faces is to soften the proportions of their faces. The cheek color should, therefore, be applied a little higher than usual. Use your eye as a guide then place the brush on the cheek aligned with the outer eye line. Dust the brush up to soften the angles of the face.