Recent reports from the World Health Organization has reported that air toxicity is among the top causes of worldwide deaths. To solve the pressing issue, people should be aware of the primary reason of atmospheric pollution – the burning of non-renewable resource or fossil fuels.

By tracking the main cause of toxic air build-up, people can be aware of when it will reach its most dangerous point.

AI Tracks Air Pollution

A new study aims to understand the levels of air pollution to help people act against it in the best way possible. Researchers used artificial intelligence (AI) to be able to collect continuous real-time data from 1,200 sensors scattered all over Great London.

London is famous for its filthy air that has been brought by its coal-burning industry. The data collected in the country is combined with other satellite information. The researchers want to create a precise model that predicts the most polluted areas for the next 48 hours. This will help inform people of the dangers of being exposed to toxic gases and places they must avoid.

Green Horizons project has been conducting their research about the pollutants present in the air. Their invented system will know what the air will be like for the next day.

The Solution to Clean the Air

The problem that people now face is the continuous burning of coal and fossil fuels. This is the root cause of why more than 9,000 deaths per year were attributed to air contamination. WHO stated in their recent findings that over 90% of children inhale toxic air daily. Without addressing this industry, the condition of the atmosphere will continue to worsen.

The studies conducted by the researchers were meant to act as a guide. But the information is only the beginning. Given this information, people should start dealing with the source to help improve everyone’s health. The future heavily relies on people’s ability to correct any damage that can promote better lives.