A tricky part of owning a business is handling the expenditures. There’s a wide array of subscriptions offered to businesses, and it’s easy to shell out a couple of $15 each month for them. But at the end of the quarter, you find you’ve exceeded your budget by over a hundred dollars.

The key is to keep track of all your expenditures. This feat is easier nowadays with all the mobile apps and platforms out there.


By installing Truebill and connecting your accounts to it, the app creates a report of where you are spending your money. It categorizes all your subscriptions and expenditures and charts your finances in an easy-to-read graph. It also allows you to quickly see how much money you have on hand.

Truebill’s most unique feature is called the “lower bills”. This feature negotiates with your service providers so you can begin a saving process. Use of this feature deducts 40% from whatever you will save from the negotiation.


One of the first tracking apps for finances, Mint is mainly aimed at individual users but may as well be used for businesses. Like Truebill, Mint tracks your expenses using your information and gives you a breakdown of your finances in a glance.

The app has a tool called Quicken MyBusiness, which categorizes expenditures as personal or business. It also gives you the information you can use for filing taxes.

Zoho Books

Compared to Mint and Truebill, Zoho Books is a larger platform that caters to larger businesses.

The business platform Zoho has a wide array of apps for your varying needs. There’s Zoho Desk for your questions and clarifications, Zoho Mail for managing mails, and Zoho Books for your accounting needs.  

With Zoho, not only are you able to monitor your expenses, but you can also create and manage invoices, payables, and inventories.  The platform can likewise keep track your banking accounts, produce reports, and manage time-tracking of your employees. Fees for the platform’s service starts at $9 a month per organization.


This accounting platform caters to small and middle-sized businesses. It processes payments, manages your assets, handles bank account reconciliation, expenditures, billing and purchase orders. It can also be used to compute sales tax and in accounting multi-currencies. Like Zoho, the rate is at $9 per month.


Unlike the other apps and platforms, PlanGuru doesn’t just track your expenses to help you do better next time. It provides you with a prediction of future expenditures and assists in keeping them under control.

PlanGuru requires a hefty price of $99 a month for the service, which includes budgeting and forecasting feature, an analytics dashboard, and an Excel add-on.