While plenty of what we consume nowadays are labeled as superfoods, no one knows the standards that determine what foods can be labeled as such.

What is sure is that the best diet is still the one that provides the proper quantity of nutrients, says dietician Despina Hyde.

Nutrient-packed foods

Berries are highly nutritious. A research conducted in 2013 revealed that consuming lots of flavonoids, a phytochemical present in berries, decreases the possibility of heart ailments in young females.

Green leaves, as we all know, are abundant in vitamins that benefit the health.

The nutritional contents of sweet potato and squash are the same as that of leafy greens. They also naturally taste sweeter than potatoes.

Manganese, a nutrient hardly present in the diet of most Americans, is found in beans, so it’s good to eat right amounts of this vegetable too.

Whole grains are filled with nutrients and minerals. The same is right with quinoa. Nuts and seeds, on the other hand, are good sources of healthy fats. However, their caloric content is high.

Seafood rich in omega 3 fatty acids is also considered superfoods. But if you worry about mercury content, try anchovies and sardines.

Rambutan, pomegranate, and dragon fruit are also included in the list of superfoods. These exotic fruits are nutritious as berries, but the latter is less pricey and easier to find.

Superfoods Critiques

For scientists and dieticians, calling these foods “superfood” is entirely a marketing ploy.

They believe that while superfoods are nutritious, there are certain processes that these foods went through that may not be beneficial to the health.

For example, juices that are “freshly-squeezed” from certain superfood fruits may contain high levels of sugar. The same is right with processed whole grains and white bread, which can cause obesity and diabetes when excessively consumed.

Health experts think the use of the term “superfood” misleads people into preferring one kind of nutritious food over the other. For people who are aiming to shed off some pounds, dietician Despina Hyde recommends eating in moderation instead. According to Hyde, overeating superfoods can still lead to weight gain.

Study reveals that the best diet is still one that is filled with a variety of fruits, leafy greens, and some healthy animal products.

There are plenty of nutrient-packed foods that are yet to be included in the superfoods list. The key now is to be aware of the nutritional contents of what you are eating.