Companies relying on remote employees are on the rise. In fact, research firm Gallup reported that in the U.S. alone, the growth of remote workers from 2012-2016 reached 43%.

Experts believe that the increased in virtual employees worldwide is a result of ‘realization.’  Yes, businessmen are now aware of the great perks and advantages they could get once they opt to hire people who can work off-site.

However, like the typical office-based environment, there are things that you need to patch up if you want to succeed in handling remote employees.

  • Connection. You need to establish a very efficient communication line if your business is operating under a remote workforce. Remember that in a remote setup, your workers will be capitalizing much on the clarity and conciseness of the instructions being fed to them. If you fail to come up with a good communication path, definitely you cannot expect the best performance from your workers out there.

There are lots of third-party software specializing in connecting virtual employees such as Slack, Skype, and Telegram.

  • Conference. It is very important to organize a meeting from time to time to ensure that your people are intact. During the meeting, you can ask a lot of things to your employees, including their struggles in accomplishing the tasks, how they manage their schedules, and even how they perceive their compensation.

In scheduling a meeting, you need to check the workers’ respective time zones first to ensure their convenience and attendance.

  • Monitoring. Keeping track of your employees in a remote work setup is crucial to a business’s success. Without it, there is just no way of making sure that they are indeed doing their works. Thankfully, there are applications and software specifically developed for that. You can check some free and premium monitoring software and applications online to help you get the analytics of your workers.

These are only three of the many things that you need to check once you are into hiring distant employees. You don’t have to worry because after checking these things, these remote guys will provide you with an overwhelming return of investment.