Actor Max Wright who starred in the hit sitcom “Alf” has succumbed to cancer. He was 75 years old.

The actor was famous for his character as Willie Tanner in the sitcom ALF, which aired from 1986 to 1990.

Some people know him better for his role as Terry in the first two seasons of FRIENDS. Terry manages Central Perk, the coffee house where Rachel worked as a waitress. He was referred to as “The Jerk” who always wears an unpleasant expression. He is famous for banning Phoebe to play live music for the customers .

When he explained his decision to Rachel, the character played by Jennifer Anniston, he said Phoebe’s music was so bad it made him want to poke his fingers through his eyes and into his brain and swirl it around.

Wright’s character was replaced by James Michael Taylor’s character.

Alf was Wright’s biggest hit. He worked alongside the late Michu Meszaros who portrayed the character of Alf.

Alf revolved around the story of a harmless alien who crashed in suburban garbage owned by a middle-class American family.

Wright began acting in 1974 and was given a string of acting roles since then.  

He is also known for his role in Buffalo Bill where he came out in 26 episodes. He was also given small roles in various sitcoms before going off-screen in 2005.

Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy, gave a tribute for Wright on twitter. He expressed his sadness about Wright’s passing and commended the actor for his talent. Perez Hilton also tweeted a tribute, thanking Wright for the laughter he gave through the sitcom Alf.

In 1995, Wright discovered that he had Lymphoma.

He died in his residence in California, leaving behind his children Ben and Daisy. His wife passed away in 2017.