The World Health Organization (WHO) describes work-related stress as when an employee is demanded to deliver an output that is beyond his/her skill set, and with no to little support coming from colleagues or supervisor. The pressure becomes overwhelming and becomes noticeable in the employee’s health and performance.

WHO identified that stress risks are classified as either work content of work context. Identifying which of the two is the source of your stress is the key to identify how to respond to it.

Work Content: Doing More for Yourself

Most jobs are always under the strict supervision of the management. Some simply require more hours, extending over the weekend if deemed necessary. But most of the time, majority of jobs can become monotonous or repetitive. These facets of an employees’ daily grind lead to work-related stress classified as work content hazard. This type of stress comes from the actual deliverables of the job. To prevent yourself from experiencing this, you can do the following routines:

  • Try to squeeze in some breaks throughout the day. You can step away from your computer and do something completely different. You can also go for a coffee break or go for a quick walk.
  • Set clear goals that you and your supervisor could agree on. Aligning all your activities in achieving these goals can help you identify which tasks to prioritize. An organized workflow minimizes stress.
  • Devote time on understanding your body’s response to pressure.

Work Context: Engaging your Colleagues

Your company’s culture can make or break your work ethics. Your interactions with your boss or other colleagues can either make tasks lighter or heavier. Here are some ways that can help you manage work-context related stress:

  • Socialize with your colleagues. Attend company events that promote participation among teammates. You can also take breaks with your colleagues and talk about anything not related to work. Breaks are the perfect venue for light topics.
  • Disconnect from your emails every once in a while. Just be sure to set up a notification email informing your colleagues you are out of office.