Looking for a new job when you’re still employed can be quite tricky. It’s difficult enough to go through job postings, create CVs, and go on interviews—but it’s so much more complicated if you’re still doing responsibilities for you current employer all at the same time. Do not sabotage your present work. Here are some ways to help you find that new job you’ve been wanting all along.

Create A Strategy

Prepare a detailed plan on how to execute your job hunting process and keep it from messing your present work load. And to effectively do that, devote certain hours of the week for your job hunt. Say, you allot 2 hours a day to be used for updating your portfolio and resume, looking for your postings, signing up to job hunting sites, and submitting your actual application.

Appoint Interviews

Job interviews may disrupt your business routine, so make sure to set your job interviews in a way that it won’t conflict with your current commitments. Never miss out deadlines and meetings or leaving work in the middle of the day for a job interview. For highly specialized job positions, it is more likely that they’ll accommodate whatever schedule you prefer. Try to see if they can set up an interview after working hours or set a time off.

Bargaining Advantage

Don’t resign from your job just yet! In fact, this is the best time to find your new employer. More so, if you are doing well at work. Having a strong work performance will somehow make your current employer be sorry of losing you, that they may even negotiate just to make you stay. This advantageous position allows you to have an upper hand with your negotiations and help you to land the best job post possible.

Have Your Mouth Shut

It would be best if you can keep mum about your career move. Try to keep your plans to yourself, not until everything is final and you have signed the paper work.