Overlooked by many, internships can help set a strong foundation for a successful career. Internships provides many different benefits aside from possible post-college employment. At times, OJTs can help you finalize your career plans. It can also aid you create a network of colleagues—and friends—who may last a lifetime, offering countless opportunities (both career-focused and personal). It’s like your free trial access to a real world after college.

Here are some tips to help you maximize and enjoy your internship.

Find Where to Start

Try to learn about a range of things. It’s best for you to sit down and check the industry or career you want to go to and seek internships from.

Amid this temporary job, look at the business as a whole—its organization and the company culture. What makes a good employee, as well as the overall industry. With these in mind, you can further assess if this type of industry, organization and culture suits you.

Set Your Motivations

Paid or not, you need to know why you entered the internship program. Your reasons will guide you to take a full experience out of your on the job training.

Diversify Your Tasks

Determined to learn and improve the organization, you’re likely to leave a strong impression and gain more valuable experiences. Start to take on skills that you can add to your CV.

Also, taking on additional work will also help you differentiate between the work you like and the work you don’t like. Learning things about yourself is just as important as learning new skills. It will help you make intelligent career decisions.

Build Strong Connections

Don’t hesitate to interact with the people in the company. Seek tips on how to do your job better and learn best practices from your co-workers. Find a career mentor.

Gain new influences with strong network while in internship. Your network may even introduce useful resources that you might need in the future.