It’s the summer season once again and it is not uncommon to hear the affluent talk about their plans for the holidays including how they intend to travel to their summer destinations. There are only two choices for them: to fly by private plane or on a chartered flight.

For this year, it’s a different story.

In Europe, records reveal a decrease in private jet departures by 3% in contrast to the 2% increase worldwide.  Particularly, it’s the UK elites that are experiencing the blow.

WINGX Advance, a data research and consulting company for the aviation business industry, disclosed that private jet usage went down by 6% from 2018, while in London departures went down by more than 10%.

 WINGX Advance managing director Richard Koe warns that this is a bad indication for the summer season. Koe finds it particularly alarming that private jet departures from Cannes and Nice during May of this year went down by 15% despite the fact that it is the month that the French Riviera hosts the celebrated Monaco Grand Prix and the Cannes Film Festival.

The islands of Ibiza and Mallorca usually welcome the UK jet-sets after the month of May and data from WINGX confirm that these two Balearic Islands accommodates one-third of Cannes’ private jets. Another favorite destination for the UK jet-sets is the province of Sardinia and Corsica. However, things might dwindle for these popular spots this year as UK’s affluent fail to defend such spending.

According to Gabriela Somerville, ConnectJet’s managing director, the impact of aviation on the environment has been on the news as a result of the current Extinction Rebellion that comes with name-dropping of some prominent individuals.

In France, some well-known figures are being criticized for their extravagant expenditures. So to avoid the same issue and for fear of being tagged as corrupt by the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’s wealthiest are also keeping it low-key.

Koe clarifies that it is the not super rich who are not flying private this year rather it is those who are “quite rich”.  The richest, on the other hand, are responsible for the decline in flying private overseas.

In contrast, an increase of private jet users is seen outside Europe, particularly in Asia.

But the decline in the use of private jets is proving to be an environmental advantage for Europe. According to Somerville, there is increasing demand for turboprops and other aircrafts that are more fuel-efficient.