Nothing wipes out that after-vacation glow faster than a packed email and a piled-up work upon your return. It leaves you questioning the whole point of taking the time off from work if you will just end up coming back to even more work than before you left. 

You can use a few easy tips to prepare you pre, during and post vacation to reduce post vacation headache.

Before Vacation

Begin the out of office preparation by setting proper expectations and make necessary advisory, or even remind the people who will be affected by your absence.

If you are working on a project, be sure to give proper notice ahead. This way, the work load can be delegated if needed and necessary adjustments can be made so the project won’t be compromised.

Set out of office advisory on your email and voicemail. Include the dates you will be gone and when you will be back. If possible, leave a contact person that they can turn to as well in case they really have to. 

This proactive measure may reduce the volume of messages that could be waiting for you when you get back and will make your clients feel that their business is handled even when you are not around.

During Vacation

If you like, you can also try to check your work messages from time to time so you can address what you can while away – or forward the urgent matters to the person who can attend to them for you.

When You Get Back

Upon returning to work, take things easy and don’t rush your way to actual work! Take your time in checking what you have missed so you can tackle your work intelligently. Create your to do list according to priority and do them one by one until you get up to speed at work.

Strategizing your vacation will make you enjoy the most out of you time off from work. Plan your before, during and after vacation strategy– and stick to it! This will help you come back refreshed and minimize the chances of getting stressed.