For what now seems, to most of us at the very least, as the longest time, email was the most reliable means of communication across long distances, outside phone calls, that is. to be able to fully understand the extent and gravity of these, one would need to intimately understand how messaging and communication systems worked before we got to the relatively good place that we find ourselves in at this very moment.

A Brief Look at Mailing

Before the internet was developed and extensively transformed the basics of communication, we had to rely on more tenuous means when it came to getting in touch with one another. You might be thinking that the telephone has been around for a very long time (at least, relatively), and of course, you would be very right in this instance.

However, you need to understand that what it takes to set up a telephone communications system and network back then was so capital intensive that it was almost exclusively reserved for government areas and very elite neighborhoods that could afford it at one point.

In the areas where this did not happen to be the case, a person would usually have to walk a fair distance, so they could use a payphone because it took quite a while before telephones better adapted for the indoors of a house or office was developed to the extent that everyone could get it.

But through all this, one system that many people could rely on any day and at any given time was the mail. It never failed, and it never faltered. The extensive network and reach that the mail system had developed at that point made it perhaps the best option for anyone who wanted to send a message across to anybody. Of course, this was more so the case when the person in question lived across what can be considered to be great distances.

As such, it wouldn’t, therefore, be considered an attempt to overstate things if one says that the people were heavily reliant on this particular method of communication. When the computer would leave the exclusivity that it had enjoyed for much of its existence and break into the mainstream market, it was not by any means one of the easiest resources for anyone to just procure, especially at random.

The Perks of Emailing

However, at a point, it started to show its true potential, one that seemed to at least rival if not exceed the telephone in terms of competence and an ability to reach a wider audience with even less invested into it as a whole. One of the first things that you could do when the internet started to integrate with computers was send emails.

So, rather than rely on a mail system with humans who are prone to errors of any degree, you could shoot out a long and detailed missive to anyone anywhere in the world with a much-deserved measure of assurance that your message will get to its destination almost immediately you send it out.

As is only natural, a lot of people subscribed to this idea quite readily and it would not be an exaggeration to propose that it is on this foundation that social media platforms were built and went on to evolve into the wonders that they are today.

So in essence, one can say that emails birthed virtually all the social media platforms that we see and use out there today.

There are various email providers that you can use, depending on your personal preference and what it is precisely that you intend to use the platform for. That said, you would be interested to know that there are a few out there that provide a service so comprehensive and extensive that there is virtually no need that you could have (regardless of whether it is for business or pleasure) that they cannot meet and exceed by a mile and more.

Gmail as Your Preferred Email Provider

One of such email platforms is Gmail. As one of the oldest names around, it is not only a long and distinguished heritage that these titans of industry have going for them. They excel at what they do because they constantly polish, evaluate and reinvent themselves. While this might seem all rather complicated, it will only take you a closer look at things for you to immediately realize that there is no other way that they can follow, if they want to keep up with the ever-changing times and the resulting change in demand that it brings.

That said, you need to make yourself aware of one simple fact, and that is the reality that a price has to be paid for the services that you enjoy. In this regard, the fee for the service is not money, as you can use virtually all the services that come with a Gmail account without your access being restricted in any form or manner.

The price that has to be paid here is nothing other than that you have to follow the set rules and guidelines of the email platform, one of which severely limits the number of email accounts you can open with your phone number to no more than 3. For any number of valid and acceptable reasons, you might want to have more. In this case, what then is it within your power to do?

Your Options

You could opt to either get a phone number generator to create a number you can use in place of your real line or you could take extra steps to open the multiple Gmail accounts you want on a mobile device. Yet another choice you have here is to access the platform as an under-aged user. In any of these cases, you would be able to create the accounts you want to. However, you would have to sacrifice either your privacy or the complete functionality of the accounts in the process.

Your Best Choice

The best course of action that you can follow here is use to get a virtual number for SMS verification. This method is considerably safer and guarantees you the creation of an account that is 100% functional! With it, Gmail accounts will be effortless for you to create!